Monday, June 18, 2012

Yoohoooo I'm Back!

Eight months........eight blog posts.......and only four of them showing any form of creation on my part. Oh deary me!!!! What else can I say?

With that in mind I was shocked to learn that there are still lovely people out there checking in every now and again to see if a small miracle has occured and I have blogged any of the things I have been creating. So with those faithful few in my mind I am resoluting to get back to blogging.

Contrary to what you might have been led to believe by my blog silence I have indeed been creating as much as ever.  So I do have plenty to share with you. The question is where to start??? Way back at the start of the year and go forwards? Or start with what I have been up to this week and go back? Ummm.....ummmm.....ok executive decision made let me start with this week.................

A couple of weeks ago I took it upon myself to start setting challenges for the fabulous team of stampin' girls I am a part of. We are already a very sharing, caring group and I thought that setting challenges on our 'A Klass Act' Facebook page would encourage even more of the same, with the whole team getting to have a squizzy at each others gorgeous creations.

So last week I set a 3-2-1 challenge, an idea I came upon when taking part in UnConvention a couple of weeks ago (more about that in a few posts time). The challenge I have set for the girls is to create a card/layout/3D item that included 3 stamped images (including sentiments) or photos; 2 embellishments and 1 piece of DSP. Below are the examples I created for my challenge.

Firstly a card example using the very sweet 'Baby Bundle' stamp set, some masking, some watercolouring and lots of baby blues (the sentiments come from the retired, but still very loved, Nursery Necessities set).

Then a scrapbooking layout. I have been falling in love with scrapbooking again (it's been a long while since I have scrapped) and am getting so much enjoyment out of it. This layout features three photos of my beautiful smiling boy, some cute bunting and some very fun colours.

So there we are........I'm back and will be back again in the next couple of days with my example for the first challenge I set for the Klassy chicks----Promise!!!